Sunday, July 27, 2008

Back to my roots

Okay, so I think I have had enough of the travel pics. They are just making me wistful for the carefree vacation days and I haven't got the time to be wistful! So how about I show you some of my recent projects?

This is a quilt I did to celebrate the birth of my new niece Caroline. I didn't get it done before we left, but somehow I had images of me sewing this in the KOA's we were staying at on the way to PA. What was I thinking?? I had planned on taking a lovely picture of it among the mountain laurel or other beautiful sites, but it was rainy and I was swollen, and really the best I could do was the industrial carpet of the cabin. *sigh* I didn't get a chance to do a label, so I will have another chance to properly document this quilt. I did the disappearing nine patch and was really pleased with the result. I am sure I will use that block again.

While I was in Ontario, there was another addition to my family. Little Jonas was born on June 23rd (grandchild #20 on my side of the family). One of the first things I did after coming home was to go and meet this sweet little man and then I had to get working on a quilt for him. It is still in progress, but the top is completed. I just need to go and get some batting to finish it up. Truthfully, I am still on the fence with this one. I am not sure I like the border. I do think that the dark brown binding will tie it in, but I don't know. What do you think??

Last but not least, a few weeks ago on a blog I read I saw a sneak peek of a little girl nursery done in a cup cake theme. It was SO cute that I knew I needed to do a quilt with the same theme. Janelle was still here then, so when we were visiting a local quilt shop and I saw cup cake fabric I was off and running. Again, this is just a top right now.
(please ignore the wrinkles and threads in the second pic, I wanted you to see the cuteness of the cupcake fabric) I was going to keep it as is, but I might add a border.....maybe. I like the simple pink and white, but I think adding some brown might be cute. A border?? I think this will be going to my little niece Josie (grandchild #14 on Jeremy's side) who will be making her grand appearance in September. Lucky me I get to go to the white sand beaches of Florida to deliver it to her! :)

I am now back to working on my grandma's quilt. I have had a bit of quilter's block trying to get this one done. I was trying to add in some vintage embroidery of hers, but it just wasn't coming together, so I have gone back to basics. I REALLY wanted this to be done before her birthday next week, but that is a lofty goal....especially without my handy quilting assistant Janelle. (she cut out both Jonas and Josie's quilts) I will keep you updated on the progress.


Shannon&Eli said...

holy cow, how do you find the time...i used to quilt alot...not so much anymore!!! kind of lost my desire...but your quilts look great!!! oh and ps i say no bron on the cupcake...i love it how it is!

Lisa R.D. said...

Wow! All three of these quilts are beautiful--I love the colors and the patterns. You are truly talented, Nicole! I'm happy to see all of your lovely creations.

Kendra said...

I wish I had the know how to quilt. I took a class 10 years ago, have the quilt top and that's it. Maybe I should hire you to finish it off! You are a very talented gal! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Elizabeth said...


I don't know if you remember me, but we were in Sound Ideas together. Elizabeth Zeeman. Anyway, I love your quilts! I love to quilt too and love to see what other people are making!