Monday, November 02, 2009

Where did October go??

I blinked and October was gone. Now we are heading full speed into November. Time really does fly, but before I move on to Quilting retreats, Birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, I wanted to show off a little October crafting.

Jelly roll skirts are becoming a bit of an obsession. I know I must look like a one trick pony, but really, how cute are these (the previously mentioned, my children refuse to model clothing)

Did you notice the sock skeletons they are holding?? That was a major distraction this month. The tutorial, by Robert Mahar was on Martha Stewart (plus, Robert Marhar actually tweeted my skeleton family. Yup, I am THAT cool). They are so fun and easy, we made almost an entire family of them. A mommy is still on the request list, and there has been talk of Santa hats to keep them relevant for a few more months! :)

I also decided to tackle costumes this year. I always say I will, then run out of time, but this year I also promised to make one for my neice, so there was no opt out. I am glad. They really weren't hard to sew, and the girls looked so cute!

I like to think about dressing up for Halloween, but by the time I get things done for the girls I am over it. This year, the girls asked if I would dress up......I didn't go all out, up here is my "nod" to Halloween.

Jeremy on the other hand, prepares for months (oh yeah, that is a real mustache! LOL)

 And, despite my mother's encouragement for it to stay, the "stache" is now gone. 

How was that for picture overload??

Now on to Novemeber. I have a few swap assignments to get done, and I signed up for a PIF exchange too. (um, yeah, I know am a bit behind on the last one I did, but I swear, it is not forgotten, and you will get a package VERY soon! LOL) Add to that a trip to Ontario in 9 days (ONLY NINE DAYS!!!!!) Aurora's birthday and Thanksgiving, and I have a full month ahead of me. Let's see if we can go for a record and get 4 posts this month! ;)