Monday, April 21, 2008


This quilt really should have been done ages ago, but some fabric delays, mono, and a bit of sewing avoidance held off the finished project. It is now all done and not a moment too soon since it is for a birthday that is rapidly approaching!! Now, to just get it in the mail. I hate the post office!

I am in love with the fabrics, but I am still deciding if I like the back. I think I do, maybe..... well it is done and washed and sitting with the sweet doll quilt all ready to go. I should have probably waited to post until after the package had arrived, but this is going to my younger sister's daughter. Natalie and I are almost incapable of keeping secrets from one another. Really, we even told each other what we were getting for Christmas. It is a disease! LOL So she would have seen it anyway.

I was at my parents today and my mom showed me a stack of old cross stitches that my grandma did. I will see if I can photograph them tomorrow. The great thing about them, is that they were originally stenciled by my great grandmother but she never got to them. My grandmother completed the embroidery, but never did anything with them. My mom saved them from being donated, and now, I want to finish them. Multi generational crafting! I love it!! I had already started working on (read: began to cut out squares) a quilt for my grandma (for Mother's day??) and am thinking I will incorporate one of the designs into the quilt. Even though there are 5 designs, they don't really go together all that well, so I think they will all need to be separate projects. Any brilliant ideas on how to incorporate a 15"x22" cross stitch into a quilt? I'd love to hear some ideas!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sweet Eve

Since the birthday, bike and mono all belonged to my sweet little girl I thought I would give her a post of her very own.

First of all she celebrated her 3rd birthday!! She has been a bit jealous of her older sister's two wheeler, but we just didn't feel like she was quite ready for that, so we got her this sweet little Boot Scoot bike. It is basically just a two wheel bike without pedals. The kids learn to balance on the two wheels without having worry about the pedals too. This style of bike has been in Europe for years, but is just starting to make it's way into the US.
She just adores it and asks to ride bikes almost every day. That has been hindered a bit by illness. Eve has been running fevers for about a month (remember the febrile seizures a while back?) I wasn't too worried, but they seemed to be getting higher, and lasting longer. When she decided she wasn't going to walk anymore I got her right into the pediatrician. Infectious Mononucleosis. *sigh* We actually think Aurora had it too, but she stayed with the typical response for young children, and just seemed to have a bad cold (and some REALLY funky looking tonsils). The pediatrician said that this was the most severe case of mono he has seen in a little kid. This is basically what we saw of Eve for 2 weeks. (unless it was after 1 am then it was just a lot of screaming and refusing to sleep in any position that wasn't on mommy's chest in the recliner or on the couch)

She is still a bit more tired that usual, but is just now starting to sleep through the night again. Even better, she seems to have her manners back. I was sure she had been taken by aliens and replaced with a child that was just as cute as my baby, only this child spoke only in a mime/screaming/ASL hybrid that was very hard to decipher causing wide spread frustration. She did maintain her honesty though and one night when I asked her if I could take her to her room without all the screaming she replied "No mom, I still scream." How can you not appreciate such candor? :)

Evie, I have no idea what our family did without you! You are such an incredible little person. Smiles seem to follow where ever you go and really, their isn't a sound in the world sweeter than your little voice. There is no one so quick to hug, kiss, snuggle and apologize. Aurora couldn't have asked for a better side kick, oh the adventures you two create! You have been a sweet surprise from the moment you gently came into my world. I can't wait to see what you have waiting for us tomorrow!

I love you!!!

This was taken just a moment ago. Jeremy went to a work party and since I am feeling under the weather (please not mono, please not mono, please not mono) I stayed home with the girls. Being a Saturday night I agreed to let them stay up late so they could enjoy the brownies they made with daddy. Eve disappeared and Aurora came running in to me as I was writing this post. "Mommy, Eve looks so cute! Get the camera!" How could I refuse? Here she is sleeping in their doll cradle.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Finished Project!!!

Okay, I have A LOT of updating to do with you all, but that will require a bit of time that I just don't have right now. I do, however, want to share with you a pic of the doll quilt I finished today. This, and a coordinating bigger quilt, are in celebration of my niece Juliana's 3rd birthday. She adopted an old quilt of her mama's and it is just falling apart. I decided she needed one of her very own!! Her quilt is nearing completion, so you will see that soon. I hope this tides you over until then.

The selvedge back was inspired by Jodie at Ric-Rac. you have to check her out! She has THE cutest little dolls she sells on etsy. I love her blog! I am so happy with how this little quilt turned out. I am thinking about making a few little doll quilts to sell on etsy. They are fun and quick and SO cute! I am not sure they would have selvedge backs... but they would be cute! What do you guys think??

Oh, and as a sneak peek to the upcoming update, here is the working title: NOT Moving, Birthday, Bike, and Mono. :)