Monday, February 12, 2007

On the mend???

We had an uneventful weekend....well, sort of. We were all still getting better, and really just stayed home to relax. I was hoping to be back to normal today, but I am still feeling queasy and Eve woke up with a fever again today. We even had to cancel a play date! :( NO FUN!! The highlights of our weekend were the Valentines Package from Grandma (my mom) and Kim's birthday surprise. We also had a sewer back up, but that's no fun...who wants to hear about that?? Not me!!

On Saturday we got a package from my mom. The girls LOVE getting mail and my mom always addresses thing to them. Aurora vetoed my photographic efforts, but she got a little lunchbox with 4 Hello Kitty Pez dispensers. She has been collecting Pez dispensers and these are now the jewels of her collection! Eve was allowed to pick one of the Pez dispensers (I love it when they share with no prompting form me) and she also got a sweet little puppy stuffed animal. It has quickly become her little side kick! With the exception of Aurora's doll Rena, Eve has never really taken to a toy like this. I'm glad this time the toy belongs to her!

Since I was cooped up all weekend I needed a project to work on. I have plenty already on my needles, but I wanted to do something quick. Besides it was my best friends birthday on Sunday so I thought I could do something for her. I recently got a steal on some Rowan yarn so I have a bunch sitting around. I decided to make her the Lottie bag that is in a Rowan pattern book I have. It turned out really cute! I even lined it so that her knitting needles wouldn't fall through. I think the gift was a hit. By the time I left her house Sunday afternoon the bag was already in use holding a sweater in progress! My knitting bag has seen better days, so maybe I'll make one for me too!!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Oh, HATS!! (and a little spaghetti art)

Not really much to update. We have been sick. I love sleeping with my kids, but waking up to throw up is one of the small print details no one discloses when you hop in the co sleeping train!! We are on the mend now, and hopefully will be fully functioning by Monday. Since I have nothing fun to talk about I will bombard you with pictures!! LOL

As always, I have been knitting up a storm. I was goign to teach a friend to knit and wanted to something fun ans cute, but quick. What I came up with was super bulky yarn and size 15 needles. I am still trying to get things scheduled with my friend, but here are a few pics of the creations. They are made with Rowan Big Wool and Rowan Ribbon Twist. The hats took less than 2 hours each. Here are the pics.

I have also recently started doing hat and bootie sets for babies. I think it will be my new baby shower gift. They are a really quick knit and WOW are they ever cute!! Here are the 2 I have done so far:

Okay, I know this is not a hat, but I FINALLY finshed the purse I promised my sister for Christmas. She is the sassy artistic type, so I wanted to do something special for her. I was inspired by my friend Kim's recent success with felted flowers so I did some of these. The pink one is felted the blue is not. When I am in the mood for something quick I think i will make her more flowers so she has one to match anything she is wearing. TOO FUN!! Now to make one for me.......just kidding.....I have a few more to make for friends and family first!

Last, but not least, Aurora is such a kick. She is a stinker about eating.....I thought she was being awfully quiet at dinner, when I noticed she was creating little people with her spaghetti. One is me and the other is Jeremy. I'll give her props for how to make the child eat!!!