Tuesday, August 02, 2011

One year older and wiser too...

Wiser? Maybe...can you be wise and also be losing your mind/memory? I will say yes. Last month I turned the big THREE-THREE! This age is weird. Some people think I am SO young, "a baby really". Some people think I am SO old "There is no way you are THAT old!!"....and really, I don't feel old or young. I am firmly planted in the "in between" I like it here...I think I'll stay for a bit.

I really enjoyed turning 33. I was lucky enough to have BFF Janelle and her sister Karen in town. I ate at a couple of my favorite restaurants. I had cheesecake and a delicious chocolate cake (that I loved! Thank you Karen!!) I was able to spend the whole day with people I really like. It was fantastic. Thanks everyone....and Janelle, you set the bar pretty high this year. Canadian food, hand knit sweaters for my kids, and a card that makes me teary EVERY time I read it...Thanks. You really are the sister I got to hand pick. (Your family is pretty great too. Tell them thanks for letting me be an honorary member)

Last week, I got a birthday package from my sister Natalie. She is only 13 months younger than I am and one of my very best friends. When I was about 5 years old, I loved Strawberry Shortcake. Some kind soul (my mom? the Avon lady?? I don't remember) gave me some Strawberry Shortcake lip gloss. I loved that lip gloss. A lot. I seldom let it out of my sight....until one day, I left it in the bathroom. When I found it, there were little smudges of lip gloss all around it and then I took off the lid. I was horrified. Little teeth marks! Someone had eaten my lip gloss. Or rather, Natalie had. She said it was delicious. It was a sad sad day. No lip gloss ever lived up to the glory of my very first...that is until last week.

Thanks Nat. I love them. I am considering sharing with my kids.....maybe.

P.S. One last thing, I finished off the month with a quick visit from a very good friend that deserted me moved away. Kim (aka Prairie Mama) and I got to have dinner and spend some time together on Saturday. (Why is it that my very best friends live in Ontario Canada, Texas and Alabama?? And more importantly, is someone working on that Star Trek "beaming" technology? I need it!) Kim introduced me to her newest addition. Elliott is such a sweet little babe! He also looks SO MUCH like his older siblings. Plus he smells like heaven. Thanks for making time for me Kim. I loved every minute. Logan was too far....Texas?? *sigh* I miss you lady.