Thursday, June 02, 2011

Random Unrelated Children

I think I have mentioned before how ridiculous it is to try to photograph my kids. Don't get me wrong. They are cute, and I even get a decent number of good snap shots. However, if I need a picture? If I want to pose them?? I usually end up taking a deep breath, rolling my eyes, and walking away. How do people get their kids to co-operate? HOW?!?!?!

A couple weeks ago I made some shirts for my girls. I used a $5 Old Navy shirt and some ruffle fabric. Two hours later, adorable!! I should post these for my friends on facebook!
Um, let's try that again...
Well, one of them looks normal...
I give up. (there were OH.SO.MANY more, but I was deleting them on the camera. I regret that now. It would have made a hilarious collage)

Only, I really want to show people my mad skills and my cute kids. I could just take a picture of the shirts. I did take a pic of the shirts, but they are SO cute on. So I convince the children to let me take one more. We'll even do it on the porch so the sun can't scorch your eyes...
Success! Cute shirts, cute kids, and they are even wearing identical outfits. Aw! Such a sweet sister picture... except they don't look like sisters! They hardly even look related. Jeremy and I each have our own signature kid...except the skin tone. Somehow that got flipped. Genetics are weird and fascinating! How do some people get 6 kids that look like a row of nesting dolls, while mine look like random strangers I snagged and sat next to each other? If I had a third child would it be a mix? another signature kid? secret option 3? Really, I want to know. And if I could find out hypothetically, and without the 9 month incubation period, that would be preferred.

In other news,

After waiting almost 18 months, I FINALLY got to go to the U2 concert last week. It was worth the wait. The only things that could have made it better would have been Natalie and Moons Over My Hammy. :)