Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Awesome Giveaway

Seriously. You should check it out. This is the cutest little girls play/never want to take off ever (why don't they have these in my size LOL) skirt. PLUS, she links you to instructions for how to sew one yourself, where to get the materials, and gives tips. AWESOME!!! So check it out.....or don't.....just gives me a better chance of winning! :)

Blushing Buttercream Pettiskirt GIVEAWAY!!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Off the air

Well, that was an abrupt absence! One minute I am telling you about birthday craftiness, and then I disappear for 3 months. *sigh* I have this personality "flaw". If I feel like I HAVE to do something, I just don't. Not the important stuff. My kids are fed, we have clean things to wear, but when I make myself feel obligated I kind of shut down. So there you are. On the bright side you all got to gaze at my ridiculously handsome husband for 3 months. That's like a giveaway in and of itself!

Anyway, many of you (read:KAREN) have been wanting an update, so here goes.


I have a six year old!! I saw this idea on House on Hill Road, and knew it was perfect! I even appliqued a pair of her jeans to match. All the fabric used came from the scrap pile left after I finished piecing her birthday quilt (still not quilted, but coming soon)


I had these outfits planned in my mind for months, but never had the time to do them. The night before Thanksgiving it was do or die. I was up until 7 am, but man! My kids were ADORABLE!!! And they still wear those shirts at least once a week. (it is good to be thankful year round)

That is when my sewing mojo wore out, and when work got really demanding. The upside is that I am knitting again. I forgot how much I love to knit. Here are a few of my most recent quick knits.

Gnome hat

This is an adaptation of Hello Yarn's Gnomey Hat. I made one of these for a friend's baby and Eve fell in love. How could I say no. The pattern is sized for a newborn, but it was pretty easy to size up. Aurora has ordered one in red. Awesome!

Something for me

I bought this great hand painted alpaca yarn in Florida, and really wanted it to be a hat. Earlier this week I used it to knit up this hat. I love it! (oh and if you look closely you can even get a tiny glimpse of my pink eye. Good times)

So there you are. I don't want to give up this space just yet, but I can't make any promises. (to the entire audience of one that I serve) I do HAVE to get some quilting done, so I will update when I make some progress.