Sunday, October 02, 2011

Need to recharge

The last month and a half have kind of taken me for a ride. There were some big changes at my daycare that I was really unprepared for. Those changes added a lot to the usual beginning of the school year schedule shuffle. I have been having a hard time adjusting. My BFF knew this, and since she couldn't get away from work, she arranged for my younger sister Natalie to come spend some time with me. I have the best sister is pretty great too! It has been almost 2 weeks, and we spent almost everyday at the daycare, but this weekend, we were able to go to Boise to see two of our older siblings. We stayed with our sister Jenny, who is going to have a baby in a few weeks. Before we went up we made a little outfit for her new addition. I always have a hard time sewing for baby boys, but Natalie was full of ideas. And while we were there, we helped Jen make costumes for her family. Unfortunately, even though I remembered my camera, it was out of batteries, so we only got cell phone pictures.

I have a really hard time not being jealous of people who live close to their family. This weekend gave me a little glimpse of what it would be like. I really love my sisters (and brothers!) I am sad my kids don't know their cousins and aunts and uncles better. I wish I could be closer to help out when babies are born, and to do some regular crafting with my sisters. I have dreams of babysitting swaps, and girls nights out. They are really nice dreams. For now, I guess I will just savor the moments we have, and try to make them happen more often. (thanks Janelle for helping make this weekend possible! Now I want to spend a weekend with you and your family!!)