Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I sewed!!

I have no idea why, but lately, I have just lost my sewing mojo. I need to find it POST HASTE because there are 12 quilts in various stages of completion that need attention. Soon......preferably before Easter. AHHH!!! Anyway, as a way to try to get my mojo back I signed up for a class at the beautiful quilt shop by my house. Want to see the results??

I think this might be my new go to baby girl gift!! They are quick and so fun to make. I think if I finish the 4 whole cloth quilts for Aurora's class I will reward myself with a baby dress break. FUN!! (there is also another class next week....I think I will do it too!)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

My new kitchen!!

Today I spent half the money we set aside to remodel the kitchen!!! Want to see a picture??

What?? That isn't isn't your dream kitchen either?? Home ownership bites sometimes...more often when your house is 100+ years old. So instead of the beautiful kitchen of my dreams, I got a brand new 55 foot water line....complete with new shut off valve, pressure regulator, and 50 year warranty. Somehow that isn't helping. Maybe the 1/2 eaten package of Oreos will do the trick. (the other half didn't help)