Monday, May 02, 2011

Real life (or a lack there of)

Returning to real life after a vacation is hard. It is harder when you return only to leave again, and come home to the best house guest of all time. That is a sum up of April.  I could end the blog there...but really, that would be cheating...and I like the pictures.

A week after we got back from Africa my older sister Janelle was due to have a baby. She lives in California, and my younger sister, Natalie and I wanted to be there for her. So Natalie flew in from Alabama with her adorable baby, Eleanor, and the three of us made the trek to southern California. Eleanor is perhaps the best traveler in the whole world. (here is Eleanor and I playing in the car while her mom took a potty break)

The day after we arrived (less than 24 hours after we got in) Mosetta Rose was born. We were so glad we made the trip, and that we were able to be there for her birth.

Since "real life" doesn't stop, even when a baby is born, Natalie and I had to get back to our families and responsibilities too soon afterward. Luckily, I had something to soften the blow.

My friend Janelle came to visit for 2 weeks. Yes, it is a little weird, that I have a sister and a friend both named Janelle. And yes, we are capable of really awesome polygamist style hair dos. Why did we try this? Um, because we could. Also, we were sewing, and it seemed like the right thing to do. I am still happy about the choice. :) The rest of the 2 weeks was filled with crazy weather, a lot of "name blankets" (I think I am almost caught up on the baby boom!) and Janelle's birthday.

Janelle always comes for someone's birthday. I am glad this time it was hers....even if she is extremely hard to shop for! Thanks Janelle! Come back any time, for as long as you want. I really mean it. You are as close as I'll ever come to having a sister wife.... LOL

After Janelle left, I decided I was officially back to real life, and I better do something really productive with the rest of my month. So, with my business partner's help, we got what I was afraid was turning into an eternal work in progress, up and running. Announcing the opening of our etsy fabric shop Seamless Appeal!
I might even be able to swing a coupon code for any interested blog reader. :)