Thursday, July 17, 2008

Trek East

To drive to Pennsylvania I had to drive across seven states in 5 days. Since Jeremy could only take a week off work, I followed my parents out. It was less expensive than 3 plane tickets especially since we avoided hotel costs staying in my parents RV. It was a lot of driving, and I was alone with my kids in the car. Luckily the scenery made up for it a little. I made sure to take pictures in every state. Well, every state but one. Since Eve was vomiting much of the first day taking pictures was a low priority. So you are missing Wyoming. Wyoming is a state with some breath taking scenery, but if you have ever driven from Evanston to Cheyenne you know that you aren't missing anything. If you haven't made that drive trust me. So we will start with Nebraska:






It was such a beautiful drive. I was sad to see it end. ;) My favorite souvenir of the drive?? The additional 2 inches that was added to my ankles. Apparently my ankles don't travel well. LOL


davidandnatalie said...

Oh how that drive looks familiar! I am a bit jealous that you got to go to Pennsylvania. What did you see while you were there? Or was it a trip to just see family? We drove from PA to UT in 2 days, so you can imagine how crazy that was with two kids. Luckily I wasn't alone though.

rubyjade said...

I love how the further east you go, the bigger and fuller the greenery. It's so pretty out there!