Sunday, July 27, 2008

Back to my roots

Okay, so I think I have had enough of the travel pics. They are just making me wistful for the carefree vacation days and I haven't got the time to be wistful! So how about I show you some of my recent projects?

This is a quilt I did to celebrate the birth of my new niece Caroline. I didn't get it done before we left, but somehow I had images of me sewing this in the KOA's we were staying at on the way to PA. What was I thinking?? I had planned on taking a lovely picture of it among the mountain laurel or other beautiful sites, but it was rainy and I was swollen, and really the best I could do was the industrial carpet of the cabin. *sigh* I didn't get a chance to do a label, so I will have another chance to properly document this quilt. I did the disappearing nine patch and was really pleased with the result. I am sure I will use that block again.

While I was in Ontario, there was another addition to my family. Little Jonas was born on June 23rd (grandchild #20 on my side of the family). One of the first things I did after coming home was to go and meet this sweet little man and then I had to get working on a quilt for him. It is still in progress, but the top is completed. I just need to go and get some batting to finish it up. Truthfully, I am still on the fence with this one. I am not sure I like the border. I do think that the dark brown binding will tie it in, but I don't know. What do you think??

Last but not least, a few weeks ago on a blog I read I saw a sneak peek of a little girl nursery done in a cup cake theme. It was SO cute that I knew I needed to do a quilt with the same theme. Janelle was still here then, so when we were visiting a local quilt shop and I saw cup cake fabric I was off and running. Again, this is just a top right now.
(please ignore the wrinkles and threads in the second pic, I wanted you to see the cuteness of the cupcake fabric) I was going to keep it as is, but I might add a border.....maybe. I like the simple pink and white, but I think adding some brown might be cute. A border?? I think this will be going to my little niece Josie (grandchild #14 on Jeremy's side) who will be making her grand appearance in September. Lucky me I get to go to the white sand beaches of Florida to deliver it to her! :)

I am now back to working on my grandma's quilt. I have had a bit of quilter's block trying to get this one done. I was trying to add in some vintage embroidery of hers, but it just wasn't coming together, so I have gone back to basics. I REALLY wanted this to be done before her birthday next week, but that is a lofty goal....especially without my handy quilting assistant Janelle. (she cut out both Jonas and Josie's quilts) I will keep you updated on the progress.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Did I say a picture a day?

I so totally meant one every so often as time permits. Yeah, sorry about that. So here is today's installment.

Aren't these dresses cute?? Janelle's sister Colleen made the pattern and cut them out, Janelle pieced them, and Sandra, Janelle's mom, finished them. The girls looked so cute together in them. The above picture was taken on the Anne of Green Gables bridge. You know, the bridge at the end with Gilbert?? Yes, that bridge.

Janelle out did herself and made a little wardrobe of matching clothes for all the girls. Though I think we mey have looked like a polygamist family when we went to the zoo with all the kids. Think 3 women, 5 kids all in coordinating dresses, and one lone man. Good times!

I would say tune in tomorrow, but really, let's face it, I can't promise that. So tune in soon for more pics. A quilt or two perhaps??

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Trek East

To drive to Pennsylvania I had to drive across seven states in 5 days. Since Jeremy could only take a week off work, I followed my parents out. It was less expensive than 3 plane tickets especially since we avoided hotel costs staying in my parents RV. It was a lot of driving, and I was alone with my kids in the car. Luckily the scenery made up for it a little. I made sure to take pictures in every state. Well, every state but one. Since Eve was vomiting much of the first day taking pictures was a low priority. So you are missing Wyoming. Wyoming is a state with some breath taking scenery, but if you have ever driven from Evanston to Cheyenne you know that you aren't missing anything. If you haven't made that drive trust me. So we will start with Nebraska:






It was such a beautiful drive. I was sad to see it end. ;) My favorite souvenir of the drive?? The additional 2 inches that was added to my ankles. Apparently my ankles don't travel well. LOL

Back to normal

*sigh* My vacation is now officially over. Janelle is gone. :( As I drove away from the airport fighting tears Aurora announced "It is hard having nice friends, you miss them too much when they leave" Perceptive. Goodbyes are never fun, but I have the best BFF in the whole world, and I'll take the sad goodbyes and keep her as a friend. (I might also encourage her to move to Utah.....great hair, great fabric, fabulous late night sewing buddy....what more could you ask for??)

If there was a way to capture the whole Ontario/Utah adventure I think it would be this:

When we got to Utah we established a pretty consistent late night dessert routine. We would sew, watch Big Love and some hilarious local mormon movie and eat treats. Usually ones covered in Cool Whip. The treats (like this trip) looked excessive and indulgent when on the plate, but ended way too soon. If I could make my eyebrows do that I would be sporting the look in that second picture right now.

I will have to drown my sorrows in new fabric...... new fabrics and pomtinis. Fabric makes me happy. The other day we just happened to hit The Whimsy Cottage moments after several new lines of fabric were put out. It was amazing! To keep ourselves disciplined we only bought fat quarters.....lots of them! This will be a yearly ritual. Remember that fabulous birthday quilt Janelle made me?? It was a result of last year's Whimsy Cottage raid. I could live at that store....and since it is for sale I am considering it!

I was looking for a pic of Janelle and I together, but I don't think we got one! How did that happen?? I do have 6 weeks worth of vacation photo's though....I also have the crafty spoils of spending time with Janelle. Would a picture a day for the next week or so be fun?? It would for me, and since it is my blog we'll do it. So tune in tomorrow-ish.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Back as promised

I am stuffed. Dinner was SO good! We went to the Senora Grill. It is a new restaurant that is part of The Junction development in Ogden. The menu is authentic Mexican food with a lot of yummy, and surprisingly healthy choices. The guacamole was excellent, and they prepare it for you right at the table. The literal icing on the cake was when they gave me a free dessert for my birthday. I have no idea what this delicious concoction was called, but it involved fresh mangoes, vanilla whip cream, and tiny fried tortillas dipped in cinnamon sugar. YUM! I guess there are perks to turning 30 (well, I think I would have gotten the dessert anyway, but I need to work THIRTY in there some how...) So go to Senora Grill. Good stuff. I hadn't planned on the free dessert, so there was pie waiting for us after dinner, and who turns down pie?? If there was ever an occasion for 2 desserts, I think it is your 30th birthday. :) We ate up the fresh strawberry, but there is still some razzleberry left. Breakfast perhaps??

Now to the pictures. I didn't really open any gifts today. I did open a few cards, including a few really great home made pop up ones from the girls. Janelle gave me my gift while I was in Canada. Her family had a little birthday celebration for me, and they wanted to see me open the gift. Janelle told me she would not make me a quilt this year for my birthday (she did last year), but she lied....and what is even better is that in honor of our 2 year BFFiversary she made herself a matching one. So my quilt has a twin in Canada. Isn't it amazing?? I love it. It is on my lap right now. Yes, I know it is 100 degrees outside (about 38 for you celsius folks), but air conditioning can feel a bit it is very cute and I like to look at it. :) It is made out of fabric that she bought on her trip out last year, and some I sent to her a few months ago. I love it. Plus it has a neato label. Thank you Janelle. You are the best BFF a girl could ask for. As an added bonus your family is pretty cool too. I should have taken a picture of the Coffee Crisps your mom bought me. They are yummy and I love them too!

Jeremy's birthday was while we were back east. We actually had a really great day at the Statue of Liberty, but since we were across the country we didn't do gifts. He decided it would be fun for us to have his and hers bikes, so when I got back from Canada I saw this. Yes, it is a pink cruiser and I love it. I even got a pink helmet to go with it. YAY!! Do I look a bit ridiculous on it?? Probably. Do I love riding it?? Absolutely. Thanks baby! You do know me. I should also mention the 2 dozen roses he brought home today. Yeah, he's a pretty nice guy.

Happy Birthday to me!

I will blog with pictures later today, I promise. I want to show off my birthday presents! (Janelle made me a quilt you will all be jealous of, and my pink bike might just be the cutest bike ever) Until then, I have the sweetest little sister in the whole wide world. Really, she is great! She did a whole blog post to me, and I love it! You should read it. It says I am pretty so it is OBVIOUSLY true, and without bias! :)