Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Pictures to share!

This month was (as predicted) much more productive. Most, if not all, of that productivity was forced. I do like to sew, but really, my hobbies have taken a back seat. Parental obligation to the rescue!


Eve modeling Aurora's spider costume

Aurora's class put on an opera. I made a few costumes and a lot of props (btw anyone in need of a GIANT pink glittered egg? Really, free for the taking). The kids were so cute and they LOVED their costumes. I was really surprised by how many of the kids thanked me for making their props and costumes. Such sweet kids. Both the shark and spider were really simple to do (just modifying a hoodie and a t-shirt) but they did the trick. I have to admit, I really liked making the costumes! That being said, Eve is being a spider next Halloween. ;) Speaking of Halloween...

It is also the end of the year, and my kids have had some fantastic teachers. I volunteered to help the kids do something in Eve's preschool class......I am a one trick pony, so we did a quilt. I had each child draw a picture on a piece of fabric with fabric markers. I took the drawings and incorporated them into a quilt. Anna (Eve's preschool the awesome hippie school my kids attend all the teachers go by their first name) is one of a kind, and this fabric is just her. She loves spiders and bats, plus, she keeps her house decorated for Halloween all year round. This quilt will fit right in.

I had plenty of time to make this quilt, so naturally, I crammed the bulk of it into a where we were also obligated to attend a class camp out. :) It was worth the sleep deprivation though! Anna taught 1/2 day in Aurora's  kindergarten last year and Eve's preschool this year. She means a lot to us, and I will miss being part of her class. She cried when she opened the quilt. I think she liked it. (one teacher gift down, one to go)

Now that Aurora has seen it is possible for me to complete a whole quilt in less than a week...and not just any week, a busy week...she is DEMANDING I finish the birthday quilt that was intended for her 6th birthday. Yes, she is 7 1/2. *sigh* I guess I need to get back on that parental obligation bandwagon. I mean really, how do I say no to this?