Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Did I say a picture a day?

I so totally meant one every so often as time permits. Yeah, sorry about that. So here is today's installment.

Aren't these dresses cute?? Janelle's sister Colleen made the pattern and cut them out, Janelle pieced them, and Sandra, Janelle's mom, finished them. The girls looked so cute together in them. The above picture was taken on the Anne of Green Gables bridge. You know, the bridge at the end with Gilbert?? Yes, that bridge.

Janelle out did herself and made a little wardrobe of matching clothes for all the girls. Though I think we mey have looked like a polygamist family when we went to the zoo with all the kids. Think 3 women, 5 kids all in coordinating dresses, and one lone man. Good times!

I would say tune in tomorrow, but really, let's face it, I can't promise that. So tune in soon for more pics. A quilt or two perhaps??

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