Tuesday, March 02, 2010


I inadvertently started a pattern, and once it was pointed out, I felt the need to keep it going. What pattern? Posting on the 2nd of every month. So I suppose I am blogging with just little obligation. It is good, otherwise I might just let this space wither away. Now, I just need to start planning ahead of time. I didn't do that this month. :)

How about a few photos from our month:

Eve and I spent a fun day together. It was Eve centric, and her requests were lunch at Red Moose, and The Childrens' Museum. We had so much fun! I don't do this often enough. I have thought about having one evening each month set aside for mommy/daughter or daddy daughter dates. It is only March 2nd, so I guess I can make it happen! 

I was able to teach a group of kids in Aurora's class loom knitting. It is the perfect intro to knitting.  We made these adorable headband/ear warmer/cowls. I wish I had a picture of all the girls together. They were so proud! And rightfully so! Aurora has since made 2 more, and she convinced me to buy an assortment of looms. I think I just might have a knitter on my hands!!

I found an online download for these adorable valentines. I had just planned on doing white and letting the girls color them, but Aurora picked out this bright card stock. I LOVE THEM! And because I figured there would be plenty of candy, we put stickers on the back. 

If pictures are any indication, we did nothing in the 2nd half of the month. Really, I was just running a terribly understaffed daycare (that had a perfect state inspection!), spending time at the kids school (our school requires parents to spend 3 hours a week in their child's classroom) and artfully ignoring my house work. This month I will work on taking pictures and planning my blog posts. Eve has a birthday coming up, so you might even catch some crafty adventures. :)