Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Lucky Me!!

Have I mentioned that I have the best BFF ever?? No?? Well, I do. For example: A few months ago I joined a block party. Basically 12 quilters form a group and each month the group collectively makes a quilt for one of the members. The online version means that on your month, you send everyone in the group fabric and they make you quilt blocks. For the other eleven months you simply wait for fun packages of fabric to arrive, make quilt blocks, and send them back. (there is a button in my sidebar that links you to our block party blog if you want to follow along. I have also been posting pics in flickr) Well, November was my month. It was also the month that I got to go visit Janelle and her family and quilt my little heart out. While I was there, Janelle asked if she could make the quilt blocks for my block party quilt. I am so glad I said yes! Look at these gorgeous blocks!

My Block 2
My Block 1

Aren't they great??? And then to top it off, she made me what is possibily the cutest pear pincushion on the planet.

Cutest pin cushion EVER!

I am a lucky girl! Thanks Janelle. My pins would still be homeless without you (and since I don't seem to keep quilts I make, I would be cold too) oh, and I guess the quilt blocks are pretty nice too. :)