Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Growing Up

Can you believe that not only did my baby start kindergarten this year, but tonight she lost her first tooth!?!? Crazy! Where did the time go??
She is so proud of this new development. She was very excited about both showing off her tooth at show and tell tomorrow, and the impending visit from the tooth fairy tonight. When I explained that the tooth fairy visit will leave her with nothing to show at school, she thought for a minute and said "Can we call her and ask her to wait until tomorrow night?" :) Love that kid. She also pointed out that it would give me time to make her a tooth pillow. Good point! Want to see my favorite part of this whole thing??
Got to love that toothless smile!

Monday, October 20, 2008

A little Break

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I post so infrequently I am always on break, but this time I actually have an excuse. Not only has life with a new business been insanely busy (really I want my life back) but last week I spent 7 glorious days on the Florida pan handle. It was heaven.....a heaven I was forced to leave against my will. *sigh* Oh to be independently wealthy. I have some cute pics from the beach, plus I have been knitting and sewing a bit. OH! And there was the haul from the fabulous quilt shop where fabric averaged $6.95/yd! Did I mention that gas was only $2.72/gallon. Heaven. Oh yes, back to the pictures, I can't find the cords/base to my camera right now. Pictures will have to wait. So to tide you over I will give you this to make you happy. (My friend Lori had it on her blog....LOVE IT!) Lairds just back from the shore. I'll be back with pictures and maybe a quilt top or two in a few days.