Thursday, December 02, 2010

Three Reasons I Love November

1- My Canadian Quilting Weekend- I am a little spoiled. Once a year, I get to fly to Canada to spend a long weekend with my best friend, Janelle, and her family. We go to a chalet and we sleep in, sew and hot tub. It is fabulous, and I never take enough pictures...sometimes I take next to none. This was one of those times.

2- Aurora- Every time my kids have a birthday I am taken by surprise. I cannot imagine life without them, and yet, time has gone SO quickly. Eight years.

How did this adorable chubby toddler...

turn into this beautiful girl?

It is like I blinked, and instead of asking us to read Goodnight Moon to her at night, she is reading Harry Potter to us. It is unreal. How did that happen?

In celebration of her birthday (and with help from Janelle's mom) I finished the quilt I started for Aurora's 5th birthday. ***I will add a picture of the quilt. It has been in constant use since she got it, and is in the washer as I type this***

I am so proud to be the mom of this smart, sweet sensitive girl. 

3- Thanksgiving- I love Thanksgiving. Family, food and saying thank you. What's not to love? This year was a bit different though. My mom is an amazing cook. She almost always hosts Thanksgiving and I chip in with pies, cranberry sauce and a salad or two. Since she is in Africa, I was on my own. Did you know you can order a whole Thanksgiving feast from Mimi's? You can! And it is delicious.

At some point, I am sure I will have to cook my own Thanksgiving dinner, I am just glad this was not that year. We had a great low key Thanksgiving at home, and I really enjoyed it. I wonder if they would make me Prime Rib for Christmas...

It just hit me that next time I post it will be 2011. Crazy.