Thursday, July 17, 2008

Back to normal

*sigh* My vacation is now officially over. Janelle is gone. :( As I drove away from the airport fighting tears Aurora announced "It is hard having nice friends, you miss them too much when they leave" Perceptive. Goodbyes are never fun, but I have the best BFF in the whole world, and I'll take the sad goodbyes and keep her as a friend. (I might also encourage her to move to Utah.....great hair, great fabric, fabulous late night sewing buddy....what more could you ask for??)

If there was a way to capture the whole Ontario/Utah adventure I think it would be this:

When we got to Utah we established a pretty consistent late night dessert routine. We would sew, watch Big Love and some hilarious local mormon movie and eat treats. Usually ones covered in Cool Whip. The treats (like this trip) looked excessive and indulgent when on the plate, but ended way too soon. If I could make my eyebrows do that I would be sporting the look in that second picture right now.

I will have to drown my sorrows in new fabric...... new fabrics and pomtinis. Fabric makes me happy. The other day we just happened to hit The Whimsy Cottage moments after several new lines of fabric were put out. It was amazing! To keep ourselves disciplined we only bought fat quarters.....lots of them! This will be a yearly ritual. Remember that fabulous birthday quilt Janelle made me?? It was a result of last year's Whimsy Cottage raid. I could live at that store....and since it is for sale I am considering it!

I was looking for a pic of Janelle and I together, but I don't think we got one! How did that happen?? I do have 6 weeks worth of vacation photo's though....I also have the crafty spoils of spending time with Janelle. Would a picture a day for the next week or so be fun?? It would for me, and since it is my blog we'll do it. So tune in tomorrow-ish.

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