Sunday, May 02, 2010

Crafty mommy blog

I think that this has turned into a family blog. Nothing wrong with that. My kids are cute and frequently say amusing things, but I thought I'd change it up a little. Did you know I sew? I do!  So when deciding what to blog this month I thought "I'll show off what I completed this month!" That was a good thought until I scoured my pictures and compiled April's accomplishments:

 Blocks for the Collingwood Block exchange

Birthday shirt for weasel themed birthday party

That was a little defeating, but if I stretched really hard, this picture was taken on April 1st:

 Quilt for my niece Gabi

Though the only work I did on Gabi's quilt in 2010 was adding the label. *sigh* 

There hasn't been much sewing going on. Life has gotten in the way of my crafting. I need to figure out a way to craft for money without having to sell the stuff I make. In my dreams, I open a sewing studio. A place with nice machines, plenty of workspace, helpful people to bounce ideas off of, a good supply of the notions we all forget to buy when starting a project......oh and a great child care facility. While I work on rustling up the $50k in seed money to make that dream a reality, I will just have to find a way of scheduling crafty time. I always show up for work, why don't I show up for the time I set aside to sew? I am a much happier person if I use that time as intended. Something to work on. 

Let's hope in May I have more pics to share......this did start out as a crafty blog.