Monday, August 02, 2010

Likes and dislikes

This has been a rough week. Rough enough that even though the last month over all was a decent one, I didn't really want to blog. So I decided to make a post of a few likes and dislikes from the last week. I like to end on a happy note, so I will start with dislikes:


1- Home improvement projects on my 100 year old home:

The windows on the back of my house need to be replaced....obviously, we also need to paint. On an up note, Jeremy said we could try out red. I have been wanting to paint the house red since we bought it!

2- Saying good bye to my parents:

My parents are headed to South Africa for about 18 months on a mission for their church. They are in the training center now, and will leave the country in a week. Honestly, I have been ignoring this. I will say final goodbyes on Saturday.....I'm not going to think about it.

3- Saying goodbye to pets:

Last Monday, our 10 year old pug, Kunjou, passed away. Dodee (doggy) was Aurora's first word. The hardest part has been watching Charlie, our other dog. Kunjou was his best friend.....a friend he spent almost every day of his life with. It has been a hard adjustment.

Ok, now to fight the sad:


1- Ranier Cherries:

Why oh why are you almost twice as expensive as regular cherries?? I love you so much....nom nom nom nom.

2- Free Easy Bake Ovens:

We had a family reunion about 10 days ago. We have one every other year, and it coincided nicely with my parents' mission. While there, my sweet niece Alcy decided she wouldn't need her easy bake oven at college. Aurora and Eve were the lucky recipients. We tested it out today. LOVE!

3- Child Labor:

So finally, this parenthood thing is paying off! We had a work filled weekend and the kids helped. If you could see behind the camera here, you would see Jeremy and I taking a breather on the porch directing the kids. I wonder how soon I can get them to do a decent job on the bathroom...

Let's end with a crafty collage, ok? July was a bit more crafty than the pictures represent. I started knitting a wrap. Knitting takes a long time. WAY longer than sewing, and I could not get a decent "in progress" picture. So, I will leave you with the 6 quilt blocks I never ended up posting last month (yeah, I am never going to mention blogging twice in a month again. It never happens.....saying it out loud makes it even less likely) and the few sewing projects I finished this month.