Friday, August 21, 2009

Tomorrow.......or in a few days

I should never say I will show something tomorrow. Ignore me if I do. IT.NEVER.HAPPENS. Excuses?? Um....I have been busy the last few days.....I am not sure what I was busy with, I have very little to show for it, but I am tired and really swollen. (What is with that?) My bed is calling, but first I got another set of blocks from my swap so I thought I'd pop in and show them off today. Today is a promise that is easier to keep. I should write that down somewhere. Anyway, thank you so much Leisel and Jan (Thanks for setting me straight Jeanette! I look forward to getting yours, they look adorable!)

The Swap also needed to put together another group, so I volunteered. I had already wanted to make some additional ones for my Christmas quilt, and getting things in the mail is fun, so I started these today:

I am excited to put a quilt together. One question though, should I just piece them together as is or add sashing? Decisions, decisions......but first, I am behind on a few gifts for my sweet sis. Priorities! Natalie has a (BIG!) birthday tomorrow, and her gift(s) are still in progress. Love you Nat....and a package is coming (eventually) I swear! I would say that I will say a bit more about Natalie tomorrow, but you all know how that goes.......

Oh, and one last thing *eyes drooping* Heather over at Trends and Traditions is having a giveaway. You should check it out! Capri's quilt is a smaller version of one of her patterns (the Sunday Picnic quilt). She is giving away TWO (one mini and one regular size) of HER quilts and some charm packs with a pattern. I know! So go check it out!


Jeanette said...

Ooops, check your package because I haven't mailed mine out yet.

I am jealous though, I am drooling over that pink one!

I just made my son run to mail to see if I have any packages yet *Fingers crossed*

annette said...

Thanks for being such a sport and making more of those gorgeous blocks!!! Now i can count myself as one of the lucky recipients. Lovely blog - BTW!! Should get mine sometime next week - it'll probably be tomorrow or Saturday before they get in the mail :)