Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hello Internet

Long time no see eh? I had totally intended to post pics of my adventures (crafty and otherwise) while Janelle was here to visit, but in the middle of it all (on my birthday!) my camera was lost/stolen.......and stolen with it was my blogging mojo. But, I have a new camera and stuff to share. We will start small. Ok?? First up, recent cute pics of my adorable children taken with my fabulous new camera:

While blog hopping recently, I came across a quilt block exchange. I have ALWAYS wanted to join a block exchange. Sounds great right?? Well, this was for scrappy Christmas blocks. I have strong feelings about Christmas quilts.....They seem so silly, why go to all the work for a quilt that is only out for 6 weeks a year max?? Right??? Wrong! I have been loving the Christmas stuff I have seen, and I like that many are more winter than Christmas. So I signed myself up. I am making 12 blocks for the exchange, and and additional four, two for me, two for a charity quilt. I tackled 1/2 the blocks last night. When I finished (at 4:30 am) I was unsure how I felt about them. Today I adore them. So you will too! :)

One last thing, I think I should mention that during my absence, I have cleaned my house. Really cleaned it. It looks amazing. Yeah, yeah yeah, your house always looks nice, but mine??? A mess. Always. All the time. EXCEPT NOW!!! So if you want to come visit me now is the time. Really, come on over. I won't even pretend not to be home. :) But hurry, we are going on week 2 of cleanliness and order, and I am not sure I can keep it up much longer. ;)


Karley said...

Man...I wish school wasn't going to start. I really needed a little trip! Your girls are so sweet and the quilt block, well, let's just say you are TALENTED!

Natalie said...

A new post! Yay! I love the quilt blocks and wish I had the drive to learn that skill. You are awesome!