Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back so soon??

Two posts in less than a week?!? I know, right? Don't get used to it, but somehow order has had an effect on me. I am getting WAY more done. A clean house opens up the time to do things you never get around to. Who knew??

Over the last few months (and years really) all the crafty peeps on the internet have been showing off their gorgeous studios. I have poured over these pictures, turning a little more green with every click. I love to sew, A LOT. Having my own space to create would be a dream come true. For now, I am stuck in the reality of a 1100 square foot home (that I really do love most days) that doesn't even have room for my clothes, let alone my "studio". What is a girl to do?? I took over the dining room. This was not ideal for so many reasons, but mainly because the dining room is the room you walk into when you enter my home. You walk in, and see the table covered with 4 days worth of mail and stacks of fabric. You can't step without getting thread and fabric scraps stuck to your foot, and there are cords EVERYWHERE! My poor, sweet husband said very little and just lived with it. I know. Well, recently we did some rearranging (which prompted the cleaning I mentioned last time) and I finally got everything organized. I don't have a dedicated space, but I have one that works. Maybe someday I will have that gorgeous light filled studio, but for now, my dining room nook, works.

Here we are when everything is nicely tucked away:

And here is my "studio" in use:

Having a workable space has been great. I have been so productive. Yesterday, I finished up the second set of blocks for my Christmas swap:

They needed to add one more group, so I will do 6 more blocks. I love how they look together so much, that I think I will end up making a quilt for myself. The blocks I get in the swap will be used for a few pillows and a table runner......or maybe I will love the randomness of the whole thing and just go for a really scrappy Christmas quilt. We'll see. I did receive one set in the mail last week, and they are amazing. Perhaps I will share them tomorrow.....


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you blogged twice in one week! That's AMAZING! I am super impressed by your cleanliness, by the way.

~Karen St.

Lisa R.D. said...

I love those blocks! I am also very impressed with the space you carved out for yourself and the orderliness of it all... I laughed when I read that you can get a lot done if your house is clean... I hope, I hope, I HOPE that I will someday have firsthand knowledge of that. Today is not the day.

Pamela said...

I love Christmas Quilts. My goal is to have one on each of the beds in our house!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway.