Thursday, June 18, 2009

No cute pics here

I made the girls some really cute dresses last week. Aurora was "graduating" from kindergarten, so I thought I'd make her a special dress.....and of course then Eve would need one too. They turned out SO cute, but then I tried to get a picture. It was sunny out, Aurora had allergies and Eve......well, Eve just likes to look goofy in pictures. So this is the best of what I got:

Cute dresses.....goofy kids! (click on the pic to really appreciate facial expressions) This is why I will never be a great crafty blog. That, and the fact that I only blog about once a month. :) This dress pattern is from The Handmade Dress The Miss Madeline. It was really easy. I taught my SIL to sew yesterday using this pattern. I have also had requests for at least 3 more of these for Aurora and "one for all the holidays". Love that girl!

I did make one more thing in honor of school ending. Aurora's teacher, Katie, was such an amazing teacher. I knew there was no way to really thank her properly, but here is my stab at it:

This is the Market Bag by Sandi Henderson. I am in the process of making myself the gathered bag from this same pattern. I see a few more coming out of the stash as well.

I have been out of town for the last week, so no recent projects. I might start taking my machine with me. I miss it when I am away! So after a short and joyful 12 hour car ride with the kids tomorrow, I get get back to the sewing. Sadly, it also means that I have to leave my sweet niece Gabi, and her parents. They used to live 30 min away...I miss that! I did manage to teach my SIL to sew this week though. She is a natural, and I am sure my BIL will be thanking me for years. :) You're welcome Jeff!!

Look for pics of some new quilts in a few days. I will be gifting two on Sunday and will post pics soon after.


Lyns said...

I so LOVE that Miss Madeline pattern. I'm in the midst of one today for LouLou for her pictures. Your girls are getting so big!

Esther said...

Way cute! I'm really impressed miss Smarty Pants at how talented you are!

Karley said...

Those are the best pictures! The girls will love them when they're older! I love the fabric. I almost bought some but don't have a project to use it for. I'm just a little jealous of your talent! said...

Cute dresses. Eve is such a big girl now. Gosh I haven't seen you in forever.

Fat Girl said...


I saw your post on "Lose with Lisa" about not wanting to wear a bathing suit and your kids wanting to go swimming.

You have two daughters and that attitude will rub off on them.

I was looking through pictures yesterday of my family when we were kids. My mom always thought she was fat and I always accepted her analysis. But I was looking at all these pictures and she wasn't fat.

It also impacted my own view of my body. I spent a lot of time thinking I was fat when I wasn't and now I actually am and I wasted all that time.

Your daughters will have enough sources coming at them telling them what is wrong with them. You could set a great example for them now by loving your body - at least in from of them.

Jennifer said...

Nicole love meeting you and love the projects you are working on..the Handmade Dress and Sandi's bag!!!! Way to go...xoxo