Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Class Trip to KUTV

I know I need to do an update, but life is far too busy to allow for that right now....besides I am SO far behind! Sorry! I have a quilt I am dying to show off, but I want it to be a surprise for my sister, so you will have to wait another month. BUT, here is something fun. Aurora's class did a field trip to Jeremy's station and they were on TV. A lot of parents in the class missed the segment, so I am showing it off here. Enjoy!

(there are 3 more quilts in the works, so I will be back soon I promise.....oh and did I tell you about the new sewing machine??)


Karley said...

TOO CUTE!!! What an exciting study trip! Hope all is well... love ya'

Kim said...

Oh that is too cute!! Did Aurora get her hair cut? She is so cute :)
What kind of machine did you get???

Anonymous said...

I love Aurora's hair!!! Very cute!

~Karen St.