Sunday, February 03, 2008


We have a winner. And the results have me about to pee my pants laughing. Why, you ask?? Well, I notice it is midnight, so I close the comments on the giveaway and am totally dumbfounded by the 137 comments. I mean really.....137!?!?! I have never had more than 8 comments! Anyway, I head on over to and press "get numbers".

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Timestamp: 2008-02-03 07:02:27 UTC

I count down the list of comments to #107 and land on none other that may fabulous BFF Janelle, who I had to talk into entering! Honestly, what are the odds of that?? (yes, i know 1 in 137....leave me alone. It is a figure of speech) She also made some ridiculous requests, that because I love her I will do my best to accommodate! How much to you think it will cost to ship a pony to Canada??? :) The good news for all of you is that Janelle is allergic to dairy and cannot drink my lovely hot cocoa so I decided to pick another name as well. (besides, it does look a little suspect)

Random Integer Generator

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Timestamp: 2008-02-03 07:18:18 UTC

So my other winner is Natalie! You guys have to go check out her etsy shop Ear Candy. There is some seriously cute stuff in there......I love the Twilight earrings. I wonder if it is named after the book.....that would make me love them even more!! Anyway, Natalie will get the hot cocoa and also some coasters.


Janelle said...

I take it all back. Could I leave the house wearing stirrup pants? Marbles? I am ridiculous. Don't ever listen to me.

I want coasters. All I'll ever need in life is coasters. With Nicole-made-coasters, I can die happy.

Also, I wouldn't say no to you changing your blog photo to one of you wearing a seasonal turtleneck with a festive holiday vest.

Natalie said...

Actually they are named after the book. It's hard to get that story out of your head once you've read it, right? :)