Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Oh Canada!

I am off to visit our northern neighbors. YAY!!! I even have a passport now. Yup, I am officially grown up, and it only took my 29 years to get here! ;) I am beyond excited. This is a just me kids!!! Did you hear that??? NO KIDS!!! The last time I spent a night without kids was in May 2004. That is a long time. That being said, I have never left my little Evie over night before. She is my little sidekick, and as excited as I am, I am a bit nervous to leave her for 5 days. She'll be okay and not permanently scarred, right??? She is very excited about her sleep overs at both Grandma's and Uncle Jeff's, and the weekend with daddy will be full of fun stuff. Honestly, I am not sure what I am more worried about, her missing me too much and being upset, or her not missing me at all.......nah, she already told me she would miss me! (and Aurora assured me she would miss me the mostest)

You'll miss me too right??? LOL As if I update often enough for you to even notice a 5 day absence! This weekend will be full of crafting and all sorts of other fun, so I plan on coming back with plenty of things to blog about. See you soon!!


davidandnatalie said...

It sounds like a great trip! What takes you to Canada? I can't wait to see pictures!

Sweetpea said...

Holy crap. No kids? I've been pregnant or nursing or both since March 2004. No kids is a concept I don't understand. I did have a weekend retreat in September of no toddler, just me and baby and lots of other women. I was pretty nervous to leave my little guy for the first time, but he was in the good hands of his Grandpa, who is his favorite person in the whole world. He looked really confused as I drove away. Honestly, after the first few hours, I didn't think about it much. Does that make me a bad mom? I really enjoyed my time away, and I think it was good for us. He was thrilled to see me when I got back, and told me all about the cool stuff he'd done while I was gone. So, no harm done.

Hope you have fun!