Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Have you seen me???

My sewing machine cord is gone. Yes, I am freaking out. This is my holiday crafting season! I am in the middle of making 8 sets of gnomes and 2 quilts. Plus, I still need to start 1 more quilt, 4 sets of pajama pants, a couple of skirts, and possibly some aprons and purses. I need that cord! I suppose this means that I will have to give up the ambition of making little Mr. and Mrs. Santa gnomes for everyone at Thanksgiving. :( *sigh* I will consider this fate and reevaluate my holiday sewing. I do still want to give mainly homemade gifts.......I wonder how long it would take Sears to send me a replacement cord??


amandajean said...

good luck finding your power cord! yikes!!!

I love that fabric in the photo, by the way.

amandajean said...

you won my give away! please e-mail me so I can send it out to you.

p.s. have you found your sewing machine cord yet?

Kim said...

How does a girl lose a power cord? DH would tell me to retrace my steps...do you know how long that walk would be? Ha! Smart girl to order a new one. Then you will find the other one and have a spare. :)
You are so lucky to win Amanda's bag! I'm going to have to resort to sewing one of my own, I just know it. Happy sewing!

Felicia said...

Stay calm. Perhaps you can get a replacement cord from Radio Shack? Sending positive thoughts your way.