Thursday, October 19, 2006


Okay, I have had this blog for almost 3 months now and yet.....nothing. Nada. So here goes!

First thing, I learned to knit. A few moths ago I was admiring this really cute little bag one of my friends had. She said "Oh, they are so easy to make. You just felt it." She said it like I should know what felting is. Like this is something one does quite often. I inquired further to find out that the bag was knitted and then felted. Felting is basically washing and shrinking your wool knitting project. (If you have ever accidentally thrown a wool sweater in the washing machine, you know what I am talking about.) Anyway, I have always been quite sure I couldn't knit. I crochet, I do not knit. I am not sure why. I am usually pretty good at that sort of thing, but the 2 needles threw me off. I finally convinced myself to give it a go and with the help of a great mentor and a book written for 12 year olds I am now a knitter. In the past month I have made 4 purses and 1 1/2 scarves. The green purse is my latest creation. It isn't at all what I had intended to make, but I am pleased with the finished project. My new project is the cable scarf. So far I am really liking cable knitting.

I better attempt sleep, but first, I found this today and have been having fun with it ever since. Try it!! You won't be able to leave it alone either!! (maniac mode is the only way to go!!)

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Kim said...

Mmm..that is some yummy alpaca you've got there!! I love that bag! It turned out so cute! Make sure you write down what you did so that you can do it again ;)