Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Best Weekend Ever- 5 3/4 Years Old Style

I think that six is a golden age. It is old enough to be a bit independent, still young enough that you have very little actual responsibility, and simple enough that most problems can be solved with an ice cream cone (or maybe a balloon). It is a great age. Eve isn't quite 6, but she is definitely in that golden age of simple pleasures.

 A few weeks ago, Eve's class got a new "student". Puff, a little dingy white teddy bear, joined the class. He arrived with a backpack, a journal, and a request for friends. Puff visits this kindergarten class every year.  Each child in the class gets the opportunity to take him home for a night and journal how they spent their evening with Puff. When Eve's turn came up, we hit the jack pot. We got Puff for a WHOLE weekend. The second she got in the door from school she was off. You see, Puff didn't come with clothes (with the exception of some jammies the child before had gifted him) and in Eve's world, EVERYTHING wants to wear clothes. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Approximately 90 seconds later she emerged with a newly outfitted Puff.

This is a look I like to call "Pimpin' Puff". I guess Hello Kitty graciously opened her closet, and since it was cold outside, My Friend Mandy pitched in her coat. Awesome. Puff played a little Wii, tagged along and cheered at basketball games, and even joined the weekly pilgrimage to Costco.

At some point, Eve made a plea on Puff's behalf. As cool as dressing in borrowed rhinestone pants and a fur trimmed corduroy coat is, Puff wanted some clothes of his own. I decided that we could accommodate.

Eve's response? BEST WEEKEND EVER!!!

I think Puff approved too. :)

P.S. I had intended to show you something I finished this month, but since its recipient has yet to receive it, I am holding off. I will, however, give you a sneak peek of another something I am working on right now (I am SO excited about this!)

Maybe, just maybe, I will break tradition and give you a peek of the two (plus a few) projects together at mid month. Oh, and put April 2nd on your calendar. I have something SPECTACULAR to show you! :)


Janelle said...

It's on my calendar!
I love so many things about this post. Way better than I was expecting.

Kim said...

Libby saw this and said, "I WANT TO PLAY WITH THEM!!!!!!!!!" "When we go in our car can we drive to 'Coles and 'Roura's and Eves?"

We miss you.

Gayle said...

Love the Puff weekend description...I showed Max who said reminded me that Kinderbear (who we've hosted a few times) is black not white. I just thought the clothes issue said it all about gender differences. Max never even noticed. I LOVE whatever that is you are piecing right now--when do you sleep?