Friday, July 02, 2010

What a month!

Wow, July 2nd already? I think time is progressively moving faster and faster. What else would explain the fact that one week from today I will be THIRTY-TWO years old? I have sailed past the 20's and am comfortably in my 30s now. Not that I am saying I am old, quite the contrary, I still feel very young.....well except, that for the first time in my life I need a solid 8 hours of sleep to have any hope of functioning the next day week. That came out of left field. Oh, the fact that I am finding more and more trends to be ridiculous. VH1 is full of crazy pop music that sounds the same, and what is with bed head being the "in" hairstyle for all young male stars. Those crazy kids......LOL I don't really say that. Really. I am cool, young and hip.....I just can't pull an all nighter anymore, and I laughed out loud when I heard U2 on an oldies station. :)

Enough of that. I have been productive this month! Wanna see???

So, that is: Three birthday shirts (one with a coordinating drawstring bag in place of wrapping paper), Twelve quilt blocks (actually 11, Janelle wanted to make one of the ticker tape blocks, and I obliged her), Two flannel name blankets, a reversible purse (teacher gift), One and a half pincushion caddies, and a knit hat and bootie set I forgot to photograph before gifting.

You may notice there are only six quilt blocks in there and I claimed to have done 12. Well, six of them are a surprise, so, I will hold off on uploading those pics.

So that is the crafty update. I fully intended to give a family update too. There was so much happening this month....There was the end of the school, my fabulous BFF Janelle came for a visit, movies were seen, and we attended the royal event of the season......but you will have to wait. I might even do something unprecedented......I might blog again!

For now, I have to assume the persona of responsible business owner, and paint the daycare. SO FUN! Have you ever seen the daycare?? Perhaps that is something to look forward to for July. :)


Lyns said...

You want I should take a picture or two of said DARLING hat and booties??? Would you like them modeled or un-modeled???

Janelle said...

I would like you to blog again. What was the royal event of the season?

Also, I would like to see the hat and booties both on and off a baby. But mostly on.

Kim said...

As 1 of your 2 friends I would like to agree with #1, and say yes, please do blog again :)

I loooove all your sewing projects, but my favorite is the one that was gifted to my sweet Amelia!!!

Oh, and baby booties and hat?? ON THE BABY PLEASE!!!! I love me some sweet baby goodness!