Monday, October 20, 2008

A little Break

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I post so infrequently I am always on break, but this time I actually have an excuse. Not only has life with a new business been insanely busy (really I want my life back) but last week I spent 7 glorious days on the Florida pan handle. It was heaven.....a heaven I was forced to leave against my will. *sigh* Oh to be independently wealthy. I have some cute pics from the beach, plus I have been knitting and sewing a bit. OH! And there was the haul from the fabulous quilt shop where fabric averaged $6.95/yd! Did I mention that gas was only $2.72/gallon. Heaven. Oh yes, back to the pictures, I can't find the cords/base to my camera right now. Pictures will have to wait. So to tide you over I will give you this to make you happy. (My friend Lori had it on her blog....LOVE IT!) Lairds just back from the shore. I'll be back with pictures and maybe a quilt top or two in a few days.

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