Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sweet Eve

Since the birthday, bike and mono all belonged to my sweet little girl I thought I would give her a post of her very own.

First of all she celebrated her 3rd birthday!! She has been a bit jealous of her older sister's two wheeler, but we just didn't feel like she was quite ready for that, so we got her this sweet little Boot Scoot bike. It is basically just a two wheel bike without pedals. The kids learn to balance on the two wheels without having worry about the pedals too. This style of bike has been in Europe for years, but is just starting to make it's way into the US.
She just adores it and asks to ride bikes almost every day. That has been hindered a bit by illness. Eve has been running fevers for about a month (remember the febrile seizures a while back?) I wasn't too worried, but they seemed to be getting higher, and lasting longer. When she decided she wasn't going to walk anymore I got her right into the pediatrician. Infectious Mononucleosis. *sigh* We actually think Aurora had it too, but she stayed with the typical response for young children, and just seemed to have a bad cold (and some REALLY funky looking tonsils). The pediatrician said that this was the most severe case of mono he has seen in a little kid. This is basically what we saw of Eve for 2 weeks. (unless it was after 1 am then it was just a lot of screaming and refusing to sleep in any position that wasn't on mommy's chest in the recliner or on the couch)

She is still a bit more tired that usual, but is just now starting to sleep through the night again. Even better, she seems to have her manners back. I was sure she had been taken by aliens and replaced with a child that was just as cute as my baby, only this child spoke only in a mime/screaming/ASL hybrid that was very hard to decipher causing wide spread frustration. She did maintain her honesty though and one night when I asked her if I could take her to her room without all the screaming she replied "No mom, I still scream." How can you not appreciate such candor? :)

Evie, I have no idea what our family did without you! You are such an incredible little person. Smiles seem to follow where ever you go and really, their isn't a sound in the world sweeter than your little voice. There is no one so quick to hug, kiss, snuggle and apologize. Aurora couldn't have asked for a better side kick, oh the adventures you two create! You have been a sweet surprise from the moment you gently came into my world. I can't wait to see what you have waiting for us tomorrow!

I love you!!!

This was taken just a moment ago. Jeremy went to a work party and since I am feeling under the weather (please not mono, please not mono, please not mono) I stayed home with the girls. Being a Saturday night I agreed to let them stay up late so they could enjoy the brownies they made with daddy. Eve disappeared and Aurora came running in to me as I was writing this post. "Mommy, Eve looks so cute! Get the camera!" How could I refuse? Here she is sleeping in their doll cradle.


amandajean said...

oh, how sweet is that last photo of Eve sleeping in the doll cradle? hope everyone is back to full health at your home soon!

Katy said...

Oh, poor Evie...she's had a rough go of things!! She looks so cute sleeping in the doll cradle...I love it!!

StakerSensations said...

too bad i couldn't get mono and not her...after Ledger I could use all that sleep!!!

Aaron said...

I am so glad Eve is starting to feel better. I hope that you feel better soon too! Email me when you get a chance--I'll see you soon...only like 7 weeks until I move. :)

davidandnatalie said...

I am so glad that she's starting to feel better. Poor little thing. She is beautiful!

Geysa said...

Happy Belate Birthday Eve! We're are praying so you'll all get better soon. Miss you.