Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fresh Cut Windows

I finally finished my parents Christmas gift.....and only a month late too! Last year's gift (a family portrait) was not received until November. So I am improving. Next year's gift might even get to spend a little time under the tree. Well, let's just aim for December okay?? :)
This was a quilt kit that I bought from a local quilt shop. I adore everything Heather Bailey, and I loved the quilt. The only change I made was the binding. I really like to bias cut my binding, especially with a stripe, and there wasn't enough fabric in the kit for that. I couldn't find any of the Fresh Cut stripe locally, and I was too impatient to buy it online, so I found another stripe I liked and used that. The quilt had a few major catastrophes.....never leave your kids access to a WIP while you sneak in a quick shower......but after all is said and done I am really pleased. There was a HUGE pucker that made me really sad, but you know, once I washed and dried the quilt it was barely noticeable. My mom loves it which is the most important thing so YAY! Mission accomplished.
In other fun news, a week or so ago, asked people what their favorite quilting books were. I listed mine and was chosen randomly to win a fat quarter stack! YAY!! I just got them yesterday and love the fun variety. I am on a bit of a fabric diet, so free fabric was a great surprise!
And this picture??? This is my newly retired father at my nephew Eli's 2nd birthday party. I think retirement suits him, don't you??


Lisa said...

Beautiful quilt! Your parents are very lucky that you love to quilt and are good at it--and that you love them enough to quilt something so pretty for them. Good work! I agree, retirement looks good on your dad!

Kim said...

Ok, how much do I love that quilt??? It is BEAUTIFUL! You did such a great job babe!
Oh and you're dad??? he's a nut...but I totally see where you get it from! :D

Karley said...

That's my Uncle! I'm sure I could find a picture of my dad in something kind of similar!!! So cute! We had a great time seeing him the other day when both he and Uncle Ron came down to visit. They are way to funny together. I love that. Wish I could see you soon!

amandajean said...

the quilt is beautiful! I saw that you won fabric from sew mama sew...congratulations on that! I am excited for you. :)

davidandnatalie said...

I love the quilt! Another great project. AND I can't believe how much you win! Congratulate your dad for me. He deserves the break! :)

devildogwife said...

What I beautiful quilt. I know they will enjoy that. Congrats on winning the contest! :)