Monday, May 21, 2007

Blogging Slacker!

Okay, so I have been a major blogging slacker. I have been trying to pay a bit more attention to the family and that means less computer time. I do need to schedule in regular blogging though. I will try to be better I promise.

Hum, it has been a month. There has to be stuff to tell you!! Let me think. We are pretty boring, so I think our only eventful things were the brown tooth and Race for the Cure. I'll start with the brown tooth.

Do your kids listen to you? Mine don't! About a month ago Aurora was jumping on the living room couches. I asked her to stop, but I was making dinner and had raw chicken all over my hands. Just as I finished washing my hands Aurora's pants caught on the arm of the couch sending her face first into the hard wood floors. Long story short 2 weeks later I noticed her tooth turning dark. I have been very traumatized, but my sweet beautiful daughter has not been affected at all. I noticed the tooth turning dark on a Friday afternoon and on Monday when she went back to school she ran up to her teacher and said:

"Miss Amy, Do you like my butterfly capri pants??"
"Yes, they are very pretty!"
"What about my brown tooth??"

I am learning to be less vain and yes, I know it is just a baby tooth! Anyway, without further ado, here is my sweet little girl in all her brown tooth glory!

Our other big event was that we did the Race for the Cure as a family. Jeremy's mom and grandma both died of breast cancer so this is something that is close to our hearts. I pray daily that there will be a cure before my daughters hit their 30's. I was so proud of my babies and their "In Memory Of" tags. We did the 5k walk and Aurora walked a good portion. She and Eve also took turns on daddy's shoulders. Next year I hope to run the 5k!

So, dentist appointments and 5ks aside I have been very productive this month. I have been sewing up a storm and I even got a new sewing machine for Mother's Day. I have been slacking a bit on my knitting, but I will catch up soon. I did make one purse (I forgot to take pics), I have a few projects nearly completed and a few more that have to be done asap. So look for more knitting soon. For now, you will see the sewing! I went on a bit of a frenzy! The first things I did were some really sweet three tiered skirts inspired by this tutorial. Then I made pillow case dresses from this site. I also made matching head bands from a freebie pattern on Heather Bailey's site.

After I finished those I realized that Mother's Day was coming up and I needed gifts. I found a great quilted purse pattern and made two of these purses.

They turned out so cute that I had to make one for me. I love them! They are a bit small so when I have some time I think I am going to modify them a bit. In my ideal world even smallish purses will hold my pouch sling, a diaper and a small wipes case in addition to my wallet, keys, and cell phone. Is that really too much to ask for???

Doing the quilted bag gave me the courage to try out a quilt. I have a friend that is due any day and a group of us wanted to send her some homemade gifts. Since I was already behind in my knitting and didn't really have time for a knitted gift I decided to do a quilt. I learned a lot, but I think it turned out very cute!
Well, that is my month. Whew! Sorry about the LONG picture heavy post. I would have split it up, but let's be realistic, that just wouldn't happen! I will do better!! I have quite a few WIP's that have due dates in the next few weeks, so I will try to post some pics as those are finished up. See you all later!!


Kim said...

Well, it's about time!!!! I've been checking this blasted blog daily and FINALLY!!!!! Some pictures and news from you!! So, you decided on a machine huh? Which one did you get? Mine is finally working...I just needed a new bobbin case. Yeah, now it works like a dream! Amazing huh?? Love those purses and the quilt! WOW! You are so talented!!!!

natalie said...

I am "sew" impressed. Ha ha ha...sigh. K. I'm a nerd. Really cute projects! Good work.

Char said...

Your purses turned out GREAT! I agree about them being a little small, but I think the pattern would be super easy to modify.

Char (RunningWithScissors)

theblondeknitter said...

those purses are too cute!
doesn't it feel good to get all that progress out and on your blog? i like seeing that i have actually accomplished something because it always feels like i'm behind!

Lori said...

Good job, Nicole! Everything looks fabulous.

As for the purse on my blog, I don't have a pattern. it is just a bunch of squares put together to form pockets and stuff. I just measured all of my necessities and sewed. Maybe you can get a purse to hold everything you need after all.

Anonymous said...

Your family dentist may have already told you this, but be really careful to keep those teeth clean when the permanent ones come in. I had several brown baby teeth... they have almost all had root canals and many have been crowned. It's expensive, painful, and no matter how good the dentist, artificial-looking.

The thing they never told my mother is that discolored teeth are often caused by whacks (bumping against a table top or other similar injury) and that can bruise the permanent tooth bud underneath the baby tooth. And *that* leads to weak teeth.