Friday, January 26, 2007

Knitting, reading and chocolate

I am convinced I have figured out what Heaven is like. Let me preface by saying that I love to read. I have always loved books. Somehow my children instinctively know this and do everything they can from preventing it! They can be sleeping soundly and if I open a book within 10 minutes someone is crying, wailing, peeing the bed......something that will stop the reading. I have been reading the same 2 books for about 9 months. Well, the other day I had a revolutionary idea. I knit all the time and the kids radar somehow isn't tune to that, so what if I listened to books while knitting?? I downloaded "The Time Traveler Wife", put it on my ipod and tryed out my theory. IT WORKED!! The second night I realized that something was missing, but as soon as i added a small chocolate snack i knew I was on to someting great.....not just great it was fabulos. The book was fabulous! Plus, I nearly completed this cute pair of fingerless gloves while doing it! I am confident this is what Heaven will feel like!! Try it! And yes, I know that listening to an audiobook isn't quite reading, but close enough!!

Also here are pictures of the alpaca scarf I mentioned a few posts ago:


rubyjade said...

Hey there super cool mama! You made an alpaca scarf? You rock my socks! Alpaca is the softest stuff on the planet. LOVE IT!

Kim said...

That scarf looks so yummy! I really do love how your gloves turned out. SO cute!!!