Monday, January 02, 2012

2011: A year in pictures

Happy New Year, from my little house to yours!

Friday, December 02, 2011

Nine years old...

Cursive nine birthday shirt
I remember being nine. My family moved when I was nine. Nine felt very big. Here I am on the flip side. Nine still seems big, just not in the same way. Now, it feels too big! How did that sweet curly haired baby grow up so fast? Nine is a milestone. I am halfway through the time where she is mine. In nine short years (and it is SO short) she will be 18, getting ready to graduate high school, and embarking on life. If my life ever needed a pause button, now is that time. Please S L O W  D O W N!

I loved Aurora's birthday list. She wanted some books (Little House on the Prairie), to get her ears pierced, a set of golf clubs, and to hike to Delicate Arch. She didn't get golf clubs (Christmas maybe?), but three out of four isn't too bad. Aurora noticed earrings when she was 4, and she wanted in! I had to wait until I was 10, but since I am less strict, and far more reasonable than my parents (wink,wink) I told her if she still wanted them pierced when she was 9, we'd do it...
I should have said 12! (click to enlarge)
Can you believe that picture? She is so grown up...but I still see my sweet baby with her first cake, and feel like somehow that day was both yesterday and an eternity ago.
We let her plan the whole day. It was filled with a special breakfast (pumpkin waffles!), a trip to the piercing studio, dinner and a movie with the family, skyping not only grandma and grandpa, but some great friends as well, games, presents, and to top it off, birthday cake pie. It was a great day.

We went to Arches in August, and Aurora really wanted to hike to Delicate Arch. Anyone who knows me, knows that I detest hot weather. Moab in August is HOT, so a three mile hike, with no shade in 100+ temps was not going to happen. I told her we'd come back when it was cooler. November is much much cooler. So with coats, hats and mittens, we set off, first thing in the morning for Delicate Arch. It did not disappoint.
Nine Years and six days :)
We had fun in August, but this trip was spectacular. The kids spent hours climbing, digging in sand, scaling arches, and just appreciating nature. It is one of my all time favorite trips. I even got a family picture that might entice me to send out Christmas cards this year (maybe....we'll see how long this cold hangs on) Thanks for the great birthday wish Aurora!
I love you Aurora. I am so proud to be your mom. The moment I realized you were coming, my life changed for the better. It isn't always easy, but being your mom has been the best surprise of my life. (now slow down ok?)

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Halloween and some random craftiness

I cannot believe that we are less than two months away from 2012. I feel like I am living in a time warp. In the moment things seem slow, but the days are flying by. Here we are, Halloween is over. I keep Halloween fairly low key. I don't love carving pumpkins, but when I noticed my kids drawing faces on the rose hips, I decided we could go ahead and carve some pumpkins. The real jack-o-lantern pictures weren't great.....but I love the rose hip versions!

Eve has been asking to be a vampire for a year. The main request was to have white skin and a cape. Aurora asked if she could be Ramona Quimby. She loved the movie that came out last year and really wanted to be THAT Ramona. That Ramona had an orange shirt with a kitty appliqued on it. Ramona also wore red rain boots. I was able to piece most of the costumes from things we had, but I dyed and appliqued the shirt, and sewed the cape. Most of the stuff can just be added to their closets. Which I love. Their dress up bin is over flowing! I'd rather have things they can wear everyday (and if you are Eve, this includes a green velvet cape).

It was down to the wire, but I got the costumes made. This was partially because in a last ditch effort to get my kids to clean up the floor of their bedroom, I said I would make the time for costumes when they made the time for cleaning. I should have set a deadline. I was up very late. Which partially explains this: 


I stayed up all night Saturday night (ie the costumes were done at 10 am Sunday morning), and didn't get to nap much Sunday. When I woke up on Monday, I intended to just put on a shirt with skulls on it and go to the Halloween parade at the school. I wanted a little more sleep, but I really needed to wash my hair. That is when inspiration hit. Zombies don't wash their hair. So I slept a bit longer, got up, ripped up one of Jeremy's old shirts, put on some make up and voila! ZOMBIE! So easy! I wish I could to this every day. :)

Aside from Halloween, I didn't get much crafting done. That is except for during UEA. During UEA I decided to produce the least productive thing I could come up with. A newborn size hat that looks like a Thanksgiving turkey!

I had a nephew due anytime, and he needed this hat. And since the hat is ridiculous, I also knit him a vest that, while it does coordinate with the hat, is cute and not ridiculous. (the lighting is different in the 2 pics, but the browns are the same yarn. In real life, it looks more like the turkey)


Yesterday that sweet baby boy was born. I now have 32 nieces and nephews! I should get to meet this newest addition on Thanksgiving. Hopefully, I will have pictures of him wearing the hat for next month!  


Welcome to the world sweet William. I feel it necessary to point out, that you have a very beautiful mother. No one looks this good right after giving birth except her. Do not expect this from other women in your life. :)

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Need to recharge

The last month and a half have kind of taken me for a ride. There were some big changes at my daycare that I was really unprepared for. Those changes added a lot to the usual beginning of the school year schedule shuffle. I have been having a hard time adjusting. My BFF knew this, and since she couldn't get away from work, she arranged for my younger sister Natalie to come spend some time with me. I have the best sister is pretty great too! It has been almost 2 weeks, and we spent almost everyday at the daycare, but this weekend, we were able to go to Boise to see two of our older siblings. We stayed with our sister Jenny, who is going to have a baby in a few weeks. Before we went up we made a little outfit for her new addition. I always have a hard time sewing for baby boys, but Natalie was full of ideas. And while we were there, we helped Jen make costumes for her family. Unfortunately, even though I remembered my camera, it was out of batteries, so we only got cell phone pictures.

I have a really hard time not being jealous of people who live close to their family. This weekend gave me a little glimpse of what it would be like. I really love my sisters (and brothers!) I am sad my kids don't know their cousins and aunts and uncles better. I wish I could be closer to help out when babies are born, and to do some regular crafting with my sisters. I have dreams of babysitting swaps, and girls nights out. They are really nice dreams. For now, I guess I will just savor the moments we have, and try to make them happen more often. (thanks Janelle for helping make this weekend possible! Now I want to spend a weekend with you and your family!!)