Saturday, October 02, 2010

A random sampling of my busy month

Here we are, October 2nd. This month has been very busy. Not only is school in full swing, but there is also the never ending cycle of an understaffed daycare. I don't know why, but autumn always knocks me on my butt. I LOVE the weather, but this time of year I am just over extended. If it weren't for pictures, I am not sure I could give you a coherent account of my month. Yay pictures! Let's be honest though, this post will probably not be all that coherent even with the pictures so...

This is my dog Charlie. You may remember that his partner in crime, Kunjou, passed away at the end of July. Charlie has been having a rough time, and on the night of Sept 8th he decided to run away. When we discovered he was gone the next morning, I was frantic. We couldn't go through losing another dog this soon! It was a horrible 7 hours, filled with frantic searching and hanging A LOT of posters. Luckily, a kind neighbor had found him outside her house at 3 am and let him stay the night. She also put up ads on KSL and Craigslist. I was very happy to not only have him back, but to also have him returned before the girls got home from school. BFF Janelle demanded I take him to the girls' school with a celebratory bow. I thought that was an excellent idea. (see picture above) We have since replaced the battery in the collar for our electric fence, and I bought him a tag with his name and address (and taken down A LOT of posters). We are very happy to have Charlie back...during the day. He is used to sleeping with another dog and has decided the only suitable substitute is sleeping with us. To make it worse he and Eve have started a conspiracy to keep me from sleeping. Charlie has noisy 3 am protests to his sleeping locale, and Eve has taken to sleep walking and that usually means walking into walls. There is WAY too much consoling of littles (dogs and kids) going on in this house in the wee hours of the morning. I am tired. It is like having a newborn. I just want 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep! Perhaps if he and Eve shared a room with a TV? Charlie likes to watch TV.

Other notable happenings?? Aurora lost another tooth. This is not really notable in and of itself I suppose, but the tooth loss was accompanied by this awesome note:

"Dear tooth fairy, please do not take my tooth tell tuesday nite. I want to take it for sharing, Thank you! Aurora"

This note is great for two reasons, 1- I love that rather than not putting the tooth out, she decided to write a note and 2- She doesn't believe in the tooth fairy. When she asked me about about all things imaginary, I decided to tell her the truth, but promised that we would still do the fun traditions. She is into this. Really into it. I love it! I think this was tooth number 7 to fall out. She REALLY wants to lose tooth number 8 on her 8th just has to hang on for 7 more weeks.

It is also notable that my 31st niephling (bff Janelle coined this gender neutral term, and I love it!), Eleanor, was born on September 8th. I am going to visit little Eleanor and her family in 4 short days. I might have a top secret bag of crafty goodness to deliver to this sweet baby, but since I cannot confirm or deny that, I will show you the bag I made as a birthday gift for Eve's kindergarten teacher.

I love this bag. I had intended to make another Sandi Henderson Market bag. It is a great pattern, but to pull it off, you need a good pair of coordinating fabrics. I loved this fabric, but couldn't find anything I liked to coordinate. At the very last moment, when I had almost given up, I went to the little quilt shop a block from my house and saw this pattern. It is the Practical Bag by Grand Revival, and it is perfect. I used a nice home decorator weight fabric. What a great bag! I wish I had taken a picture of the interior. The interior fabric is fabulous. I think there will be a few more of these in my near future. Maybe one of these too.